Google to include email results in search

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Google has revealed that it will be trialling a new feature  which will see users Gmail results included in with general searches.

Users that opt in for the trial will be provided with an SERP (search engine results page) that could feature relevant information pulled from their email accounts on the site, as well as the standard search results.

The trial began yesterday (Thursday 9) and is open to English-language users who have an account.

Commenting on this new feature, Google search boss, Amit Singhal, wrote a post on the site's official blog.

In the post he wrote: "Sometimes the best answer to your question isn't available on the public web - it may be contained somewhere else, such as in your email.

"We think you shouldn't have to be your own mini-search engine to find the most useful information - it should just work. A search is a search, and we want our results to be truly universal.

"So we're developing a way to find this information for you that's useful and unobtrusive, and we'd love your feedback. Starting today, we're opening up a limited trial where you can sign up to get information from your Gmail right from the search box," he added.

This feature could lead to the development of new Internet marketing techniques in the future.

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