Google to overtake Facebook as biggest US display ads earner

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Search engine giant Google is set to overtake Facebook as the biggest earner for US display adverts in 2012.

A recent forecast provided by eMarketer displayed that Google is expected to earn around $2.31 billion from display ads - a share of around 15.4 per cent of the total amount spent on display advertising in the US. Facebook, meanwhile, is forecast to take a 14.4 per cent share of the market - worth around $2.16 billion. Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL are expected to round out the top five earners.

eMarketer, however, added that the amounts earned from display advertising - a popular form of Internet marketing - in 2012 will be lower than expected, attributing this to bigger brands being more cautious with their ad campaign budgets.

In recent years Google has placed a larger focus on display advertising, with initiatives aimed at mobile-devices - through Admob - and an increased amount of video advertising featured on YouTube both playing a significant role in its success.

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