Google Unveils New AdWords Innovations - Including App Ads Feature

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Google has announced that it will launch three new AdWords updates over the next couple of months.

Unveiled yesterday (April 22), the updates will include app ads, more insightful reporting features and enhanced tools that will enable advertisers to carry out bulk actions directly from their AdWords account.

With the app ads feature, advertisers will be able to display ads related to the apps installed on a user's mobile device. These ads will be displayed in the Google SERPs (search engine results pages) and YouTube, and through the Google Display Network (GDN).

On the Inside AdWords blog, vice president of product management at Google AdWords, Jerry Dischler, stated: "For example, if you exercise regularly and use an app to measure how far you run, you might see an ad for an app that helps you measure that foods you eat and calories consumed."

The feature will also enable advertisers to encourage users to re-engage with their apps through a re-engagement campaign. When tapped or clicked, these ads will automatically take the user directly to the already-installed app in question.

Presenting an example, Dischler said a user with the HotelTonight app already installed on their device, searching "hotels in San Francisco," could be presented with an ad that, when interacted with, would take them directly to the page in HotelTonight app relating to hotels in San Francisco, as opposed to its main landing page.

Google has also stated that advertisers will eventually be able to measure conversions from the "entire lifecycle of the app."

Having launched Estimated Total Conversions last year (2014), which enables AdWords advertisers to more effectively measure the value of their campaigns, Google revealed at its innovations launch that it would continue to invest in the product.

It stated that it was experimenting with a solution to measure in-store transactions that would allow advertisers to track off-line conversions.

The last of its PPC advertising updates, Google will  also introduce enterprise-class optimisation, reporting and workflow tools to AdWords. It will support bulk actions, enabling advertisers, for example, to update thousands of ads with a few clicks across numerous campaigns from one interface.

Google will make improvements to conversion optimisers and automated bidding to provide advertisers with the option to set efficiency targets, whilst enhanced reporting tools will let users analyse results directly within AdWords in more depth.

Meanwhile, the update will also encourage PPC account managers to experiment with campaigns at draft level, allowing them to determine the elements that do and don't work before committing to running a full campaign.

Dischler commented that the updates were motivated by the desire to "connect people to the content they care about, whether online, mobile sites, or on apps."

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