Google Updates Documentation On Site Migration, Offers Webmasters New Tips

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Google has updated its documentation and guidelines on moving a site and the process of site migration.

Site migration can be a somewhat scary proposition for webmasters and to help them better understand the processes involved, Google Webmaster Trend analysts Pierre Far and Zineb Ait Bahajji have shared their tips on the Webmaster blog.

In the blog, the pair state: "We've seen cases where webmasters implemented site moves incorrectly, or missed out steps that would have greatly increased the chances of the site move completing successfully.

"To help webmasters design and implement site moves correctly, we've updated the site move guidelines in our Help Center."

A site move can typically be broken into two simple categories, site moves without URL changes and site moves with URL changes. Through either method, moving a website can entail a lot of potential pit falls without the right know how, something the blog tries to clue readers on.

In the case of site moves without a URL change website owners will typically have upgraded to a new content management system platform. In the case of the latter things are somewhat more complicated and as Google explain in the blog can be down to a few different elements

  • The protocol: to
  • The domain name: to
  • The URL paths: to

The blog also discusses the added element of responsive design, which is becoming more prominent in the age of tablets and smartphones. Help for people looking for information on this particular element can be found on Google's smartphone websites page

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