Google updates SEO service on Google Webmaster Tools

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Users of the SEO service featured on Google's Webmaster Tools will now be notified of spikes or dips in their pages' traffic provided by Google.

The new update could prove to be useful for site owner's that have seen a considerable fall in traffic - potentially notifying them of a problem.

Although alerts will only be published on a user's Webmaster Tools account, there is the option to have them sent via an email.

Google last updated Webmaster Tools back in June, adding a similar alert system that notifies users of errors that its web crawlers encounter when indexing a site's pages.

Commenting on the update, tech lead at Google Webmaster Tools, Javier Tordable, wrote in a blog post published on the official Google Webmaster Central Blog: "For most sites, these numbers follow regular patterns, so when spikes or drops occur, it can make sense to look into what caused them.

"Some changes are due to differing demand for your content, other times they may be due to technical issues that need to be resolved such as broken redirects," he added.

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