Google Webmaster Tools Data Still Missing, But Analytics A-OK

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The Google Webmaster Tools forums have been buzzing with activity over the weekend, with frustrated users noting that Search Queries data hasn't been updated for more than a week.

Search Engine Land pointed this out on Friday, but those expecting an official answer from Google will be disappointed this morning. As of yet, Google has not given an official answer either on its forums or via its Webmasters blog.

The closest thing we have to an answer is a reply to a disgruntled user from forum user 'Kai Z', who wrote "Known issue. [...] Give it a few days to update/ return". This reply was marked as 'best answer' by Google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller - though it would perhaps be too hopeful to consider this an outright endorsement.

As Barry Schwartz wrote at Search Engine Land, it's not unusual for Webmaster Tools data to lag by around two days. But for data to go missing for more than a week is certainly uncommon.

The outage coincided with a similar data problem in Google Analytics, with forum users complaining that their data for Monday February 9 was missing.

This issue was responded to by Google, who wrote on its product forums: "We're sorry for our unusually bad case of the Mondays. We've fixed the issue and no data was lost. Analytics users should start seeing any missed [data] soon."

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