Google Zeitgeist 2012 list reveals UK's top trending search terms

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At first glance, Gangnam Style, Whitney Houston, April Jones and Kate Middleton seem to have very little in common.

However, they all sit at the top of the UK's top search terms for 2012, according to the latest report from Google.

The search engine giant has revealed the country's top search terms through its annual Zeitgeist list.

Zeitgeist, which translates to "the spirit of the times", started back in 2001 when Google was registering around 150 million search engine queries a day. That figure now stands at well over one billion searches a day.

The system has no connection to SEO or page rankings - it simply measures the year's fastest-growing search terms as opposed to the largest volume of searches. That said, Google eliminates searches that remain the same each year - such as 'email' - to truly identify the top trending terms for the year.

Following her death in February of this year, Whitney Houston was the top trending person in UK Google searches, followed by The Duchess of Cambridge. The top search trend for the year was Euro 2012, ahead of searches for London Olympic 2012 tickets.

In terms of electrical gadgetry, Apple was at the top of the list with its iPad and iPad Mini devices and iPhone 4s.

Other prominent searches in the list included the latest James Bond film, Skyfall and, Korean singer Psy's Gangnam Style song.

Love was once again the most searched for 'what is' query.

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