Google’s AMP Pages To Be Rolled Out In February 2016

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Originally announced back in October, updates on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) were released last week, as it was revealed that the platform will be arriving to Google Search from late February 2016.

Following its launch in October 2015, AMPs were introduced to a small selection of publishers to test their effectiveness. With positive engagement and response from both publishers and users, Google has decided to move forward with the technology by making it readily available across the web.

The open-source content delivery platform is designed to improve loading times on mobile pages, further increasing click-through rate and revenue – resulting in it being touted as next year’s hottest new website technology.

Changing the way that content is received online, AMPs are Google’s response to the growing popularity of mobile search that has soared this year, overtaking desktop.

With the planned arrival of AMPs from early 2016, experts are advising that publishers start preparing for the change now, including tailoring their content for the platform once it goes live.

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