Google's Illicit Networks summit draws to a conclusion

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Google's two-day Illicit Networks: Forces in Opposition summit has drawn to a conclusion.

Held in Los Angeles, the summit was designed to bring together a range of law enforcement officials, academics, politicians and victims of illicit activity carried out via the Internet, in order to draw up a strategy on how technology could be used to expose and disrupt criminal activity online.

By exploiting the power of the Internet, many arms and people traffickers, organ harvesters, drug cartels, terrorist groups and cyber-criminals are able to commit crime.

The summit has brought together a range of participants including, Interpol secretary-general, Ronald Noble; former Ugandan child soldier, Okello Sam and Juan Pablo Escobar, son of late Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

Representing a different area for Google - often associated with SEO - to involve itself in, the summit was the idea of the firm's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt and the head of Google's think tank, Google Ideas, Jared Cohen.

Interpol, Foreign Relations and a number of other organisations helped to organise the event.

Commenting, Stewart Patrick, a senior member at the Council on Foreign Relations, stated: "It might sound like a different path for Google, but technology companies today have a lot of powerful tools for bringing transparency to these illicit networks, to fight back against corruption and empower those who are trying to combat transnational crime."

Topics covered at the summit included how whistleblowers can be used to expose narcotics networks and how surgeons and organ brokers smuggle kidneys and other vital organs across the globe, the Guardian stated.

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