Google's Panda search engine update gets another data refresh

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Search engine giant Google has revealed that its Panda search algorithm has undergone a data refresh, which rolled out last night.

In a tweet published from its official Twitter account (@google), Google announced (sic): "New data refresh of Panda starts rolling out tonight. ~1% of search results chance enough to notice."

First released in February 2011, the Panda update has enforced Google's guidelines on quality content, with ramifications for Internet marketing strategies where above-the-fold adverts had once taken precedence.

Under Panda, sites that feature content that is of poor quality level, has been duplicated elsewhere or is just plain spam have seen their rankings downgraded - for the entire site, as opposed to just for the pages on which the poor quality content is featured on.

Google based the Panda algorithm on a number of questions including: "would you trust the information presented in this article?" and "does this article have an excessive amount of ads that distract from or interfere with the main content?"

According to Search Engine Land, this latest data refresh was Panda Update 3.9, with the previous update taking place just a month ago (June 25).

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