Hello Bing Ads, hello better PPC?

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Goodbye Microsoft adCenter, with your vaguely depressing name – everybody say a big, loud, brand-rejuvenating hello to Bing Ads!

Cue fireworks! Streamers! Tears of the emotionally overwhelmed! Canapés!

Yes, if you run campaigns with Microsoft, you’ll have noticed that the company has relaunched its advertising service in line with the big Bing brand push.

Implemented this month, Bing Ads will help users manage their PPC campaigns as part of the Yahoo! Bing Network. But this is no simple name change, says Tina Kelleher, oh no.

In a blog post, Kelleher explains that the user experience has been overhauled in order to differentiate and improve the service when compared to the traditional adCenter set-up. As well as making campaign management smoother and faster, Microsoft has been communicating with users in order to implement changes that they have suggested.

The improvements include a web-based interface that has been made more intuitive and user friendly, along with better 'enablement' tools for agencies – so that those who need to harness multiple Bing Ads accounts will be better equipped to do so.

Kelleher said that it should now be much easier for Bing Ads users to create PPC campaigns to run on the Bing and Yahoo! Search engines.

She also took the time to point out that the Yahoo! Bing Network is another recent creation which encompasses the wide audience reached by these two search giants.

In the US alone the network accounts for a reported 151 million unique search queries. Kelleher cites statistics which show that Yahoo! and Bing users are less thrifty than the average searcher, spending 24% more across all engines and five per cent more than typical Google searchers.

Kelleher also wrote of the improved optimisation capabilities that are now on offer as part of the Bing Ads service, allowing users to tweak campaigns and improve CTRs while still keeping a handle on their ad spend.

Whilst the Yahoo! Bing Network still represents a smaller proportion of the search market than that which is accounted for by Google, it would be churlish of marketers to ignore the implementation of a revised ad service from Microsoft. Hopefully this will prove a decent competitor for AdWords, because this can only result in a more competitive market that benefits advertisers.

The Bing Ads website is now live and you can also follow the service via Twitter and Facebook.

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