How To Convert Your Flash Ads to HTML5

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Changes to the way Chrome handles Flash means that AdWords will stop serving any Flash ads (animated) on Chrome starting on September 1.

The change is brought into effect with the new Chrome Plugin Power Saver, introduced a few months ago to increase page-load speed and reduce power usage by pausing some plugin content, including Flash ads.

This new setting will be enabled by default from the start of next month. For Chrome users, this will deliver a faster performance and will mean that mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, will run for longer without requiring a recharge.

However, for companies using Flash for their online display ads, this will have a detrimental effect to campaigns.

We recommend transitioning to HTML5 ahead of September 1 to enable your campaigns to continue to run unaffected. It is also advisable that you check all your online digital assets for the inclusion of Flash to ensure you are not affected by this Chrome change.

Converting Your Google Flash Ads to HTML5

There are three ways to convert your Flash ads to HTML5. These are:

  1. If you already have Flash ads uploaded to AdWords you can create new image ads instead
  2. If you created Flash ads in the AdWords Ad gallery you can create new image ads by uploading a new image ad or an HTML5 ad or by creating a new ad using an AdWords template
  3. If you have Flash ads running on third-party ad servers (not AdWords) then Google has three free tools to help you create HTML5 ads: DoubleClick Studio, AdWords Ad gallery and Google Web Designer

The changes to Chrome are not new - other web browsers, such as Safari, already have a similar feature enabled. Most mobile browsers do not render flash-based content either. For more on this, read our blog on How to Build an Interactive Website for Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm.

Therefore, using HTML5 will allow your ad campaigns to work across all browsers and device types on the Google Display Network, maximising your reach and campaign performance.

If you have digital assets created using Flash and need help in converting them to HTML5 contact us today.

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