How To Get Mobile Ready with Mobile Preferred Ads

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As we count down the days until the post-Christmas sales mayhem begins it’s worth making sure you are ready for the surge in search volume across all devices, advises Anisha Birdi.

Online shopping is available 24 hours a day and you have the freedom to shop from any location at your fingertips (providing there is internet access of course). This means mobile visibility has never been so important. Customers no longer need to queue at the crack of dawn to nab a bargain; they can do all that from the comfort of their own bed on their handy little smartphone. However, if your ads don’t have great visibility you could be losing out.

One of the easiest ways to get prepared is by optimising your ads for mobile. AdWords will automatically adjust your ads to ensure it delivers the best performing version possible for a mobile device. This could be by displaying description line 1 next to the headline, replacing description line 2 with better performing ad extensions or simply removing description line 2 altogether. If your ads haven’t been written with mobile in mind you may find that they get cut off mid-sentence or don’t read the way you intended them to. This could in turn affect click-through rate, quality score and therefore visibility. You may even find that CPCs are higher than they should be for those optimal positions. This could all be overcome by optimising your ads for mobile.

Top tips for Creating a Good Mobile Ad

  • Keep it short and snappy for the user on the go. Your headline and description line 1 will take precedence here, so make sure any important information, such as offers or calls to action, are included here.
  • Keep description line 1 and 2 separate - if description line 2 doesn’t appear the ad should still make sense.
  • Don’t pack in too much content - less is more when you’re reading from a smaller screen.
  • Select the ‘Mobile’ box when creating mobile preferred ads so AdWords only shows your mobile optimised ads on a mobile device.

The Benefits of Using Mobile Optimised Ads

We ran our own test on two campaigns optimised for mobile traffic. Over 10 days we found click-through rate improved by only 1%, but CPCs across mobile decreased by 10% and positions improved by 6%. We also found impressions rose by 13%.

These campaigns have most likely been affected by seasonality, a natural rise in impressions due to the run up to Christmas and an increase in competition, which may be the reason why we didn’t see much of an improvement on our click-through rate.

It is, however, also likely that by running mobile preferred ads we gave mobile visibility a boost by improving the quality score. If quality score across mobile improves, we can assume this may contribute to a natural decline in CPCs and improvement in position, which therefore allows us to receive more impressions and clicks at a lower cost.

Try it yourself today and see what effect mobile preferred ads could have on your mobile performance. For a few simple adjustments to your ads, it is definitely worth trialing, whether you achieve a better click-through rate, lower CPCs or higher positions, there are benefits to be had.

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