How To Maximise Lead Generation with PPC

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Want to drive traffic to your site and then convert it into genuine leads or sales? Sam Thomas looks at how to utilise your paid search campaign to increase conversions and, ultimately, grow profits

Lead generation (Lead Gen) for any agency is a big part of understanding their clients and what they are hoping to achieve. If you go into a business as a Marketing Manager and ask what they are looking for they will always say “more leads or sales”.

The first step is to look at how you use AdWords and consider what more you can do, comparing Lead Gen to ecommerce. For the most part it is very similar - however, these can also vary depending on whether you are B2B or B2C, although the Principles are the same:

Lead Gen funnel diagram

Each one of these – Display, Search and Remarketing - has its own benefits; however, you need to look at them in different ways. With Lead Gen clients you have to go back to the principles of what will a client want or need in order to capture their data. To get to the bottom of this you will need to look at different aspects of the client’s business and their paid search activity.

There are several elements of your Paid Search strategy to look at to maximise Lead Gen. These are:

Improve your Landing Page Performance

Landing pages are a big part of any strategy. In most cases you need to understand if making changes to pages will improve performance. The only way of doing this is by testing variations.

For example, our client is currently testing two landing pages for B2B clients and these could not look any more different. By doing this test we understand which one of these pages appeals to their audiences. The landing pages are performing in very similar ways - this indicates that both pages have positives. This also informs us that we need to make further enhancements to the landing page to see if we can improve the form fill rate.

Add Call To Actions to your Ad Creative

Keep an eye on Lead Gen Ads as these can go stale. Look to make small changes to call to actions which will help improve your quality score (QS) ,CTR and CR. You have to remember - you need to entice your customers to make them want to leave their details.

When you are reworking ads think of how you can increase call to action to drive leads. Also, think of strategies and what you client is capable of providing as its value add to the customer. This will help to improve the number and quality of leads and, hopefully, sales as they go through your client’s funnel.

Lead Gen Call to Actions chart

Use the Most Relevant Keywords

The use of keywords is the same whether you are working in ecommerce or Lead Gen. They need to follow the same granular structure whether on your site or landing page. By making sure your keywords are relevant to the information on page you will generate a good QS.

Think about you match types - don’t be afraid of using Broad Match Modifier to build keyword lists and test if there is anything out there you are missing.

Location, Location, Location

Locations targeting can work really well with Lead Gen clients, especially if they only service certain geographic areas. For example:

  1. Energy providers may have catchment areas they cover (i.e. they could cover London and Oxford but not Cambridge).
  2. Whereas a company that sells software may find their main area of business is Birmingham, with London being a low but expensive converter.

Client's Sales Process

One of the main principles you should always come back to is “What would you like to achieve with your strategy?”

Areas to think about:

  • What is the customer looking for when they search using your keywords?
  • How can you entice them to:
    • Phone
    • Complete a form fill
    • Download a brochure
    • Sign up to a Newsletter/Email capture
  • What is the sales funnel and how will their account work?

How to Work Out KPIs

Don’t be afraid to set KPIs. The main thing to remember here is KPIs can always change - they don’t have to be set in stone. They are set to help make an account profitable. So the question to ask is:

How much can I afford to spend per form fill and what will my client need to convert to sale to make a profit?

Think about:

  • What your lead generation/sales process is once you get the lead?
  • What the conversions rate is from lead to sale?
  • What are your profit margins?
  • How do you measure the success of other marketing channels?
  • How much you can afford to spend, to gain an overall profit?

Further Paid Search Learning

Lead Gen is just one part of the process. In her next blog, Sam Thomas will offer her insights into effective phone call tracking and offer tips on what you can do to increase conversion and, as a result, grow profits through your paid search strategy.

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