Image Mismatch Penalty Added To Google Webmaster Tools' Manual Actions

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Google has unveiled a new change to Google Webmaster Tools.

Having launched the manual action viewer feature - which allows webmasters to see any actions taken by Google's manual webspam team - Google has introduced a new type of manual action, in the form of 'image mismatch.'

Essentially, the 'image mismatch' report informs webmasters that their site may be displaying images differently to how the appear in Google's image SERPs (search engine results pages).

In its Webmaster Tools help section, the search engine giant has stated: "(As a result) Google has applied a manual action to the affected portions of your site, which will affect how your site's images are displayed in Google. Actions that affect your whole site are listed under site-wide matches. Actions that affect only part of your site are listed under Partial matches."

Those affected by the 'image mismatches' have been advised to ensure that the same images are displayed in both its SERPs and on the site. Once the issue has been resolved, webmasters can them resubmit the site for the webspam team to reconsider.

Google's webspam team ensures that sites adhere to its guidelines, and enforces penalties against those who rely on spammy SEO practices like unnatural linking, hidden text, spun content and so on.

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