Bing Adds New Features to iOS & Android Search App

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Bing’s latest update has added new music, map and video features to the Bing mobile search app for iOS and mobile

The recent update has brought the Bing search app to version 6.7.2, with the most noticeable changes concerning music.

Bing has introduced a feature from its desktop search engine to its mobile application, which enables it to play a video without sound directly in search, with the lyrics listed below it. As well as this direct search engine feature, Bing has also added a new Music page, featuring trending artists and trending songs.

A report released on the Android Community Website states that the Bing search app can now give a title to a song being played.

In case you’re looking for a specific song, you can use the Bing Search app by typing the name of the song or if something is playing, it will tell you what it is.

Updates to Music features are not the only ones made by the update. Version 6.7.2 of the Bing search app also includes a new movie feature that lets users add movie titles to the watch lists of their personal Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts straight from the app’s Movie page.

There is also the added ability to choose a preferred map application for directions, rather than it being set at one, unchangeable default app. Users of the Bing mobile search app will also see a new revamped “reading mode” designed to make news pages more enjoyable to read, and the ability to sign in with your Microsoft account to see search history on any other logged-in devices.

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