Internet Giant Google Releases New 'How Search Works' Infographic

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Internet giant Google has released a new interactive infographic entitled 'How Search Works'.

The search engine firm has also released its Search Quality Rating Guidelines for the first time to coincide with the launch.

How Search Works gives readers a guide on how Google operates - giving a simple overview of the entire search result process; from how Google navigates the web by crawling through sites and keeps track of all the information it collects in the index, to its algorithms and how the search engine fights against spam.

The section on spam is particularly interesting as it features a link which takes the reader to a page detailing the kind of spam Google has recently removed from its search results, with some examples removed as little as 30 minutes before a user clicks on the link.

The infographic also features an interesting timer system which tells users how many searches have been conducted in the time they have read the page.

Google also took the chance to publish its Search Quality Rating Guidelines to coincide with the launch of the 'How Search Works' infographic.

Although the document has been leaked previously, this is the first time the search engine firm has officially released it to the public.

This is not the first time the Internet giant has provided resources relating to SEO however, it also has an SEO starter guide available in 40 languages following an update in July 2009.

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