Internet search engine giant Google set to open new high street shops?

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Search engine firm Google may be set to open a number of high street stores in order to push sales on a number of its flagship devices according to a new report.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that sources familiar with the matter have informed them of the Internet giant's plans to launch a number of retail stores in the US.

The sources told the Wall Street Journal that the stores would look to generate further sales on Google branded hardware. They were uncertain however on whether or not the plans were likely to be pushed forward this year - with clarification on the when and where of Google's plans still unclear.

At present Google products, such as its Nexus range, are available in retail and technology stores in the UK as well as on the firm's website. The search engine firm also has Chrome Stores operating in 50 PC World and Dixon's branches with staff on hand to offer advice on Google's Chromebooks.

It is unclear whether the firm would look to open more specialised stores in the UK at this time however.

If Google does indeed decide to open stores to sell its products, ranging from smartphones to tablets, it would look to ape the success of Apple: Apple has more than 400 stores across the globe, reported to rake in more than $10 billion in annual sales.

Microsoft has also launched a number of stores in the US and Canada, with another 11 in the pipeline. The tech giant has yet to open a store in the UK however.

Google may view physical stores as a way of further boosting it's revenue, aside from that traditionally seen as the firm's bread and butter: Revenue generated by firms using the search engine for SEO, PPC and other Internet marketing purposes.

Certainly, with the recent announcement of record high revenues of $50 billion, the Internet giant may see the success of physical Apple stores as a way of opening other products, such as the Google Glass - set to hit the market sometime in 2014 - to audiences unfamiliar with Google's physical technology offerings: Potentially driving further sales for a number of its flagship devices.

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