Introducing ClickThrough’s Business Support Officer – Debbie Bissell

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Debbie Bissell joined ClickThrough in February 2016. We caught up with her to find out how she has settled into a new role in digital marketing, her one-time aspiration to be a Blue Peter presenter, and why she’s bouncy and unique – just like Tigger!

What does your role at ClickThrough involve?

My job is supporting the sales team and the CEO with anything and everything! If you need something doing then I’m the person. There’s lots of analytics and data management. I report on the sales team’s performance, their KPIs, lead generation data, sales data, business reporting etc. Fortunately, I really love a good spreadsheet and pivot table! I also support other teams in the business, including PPC and operations. No two days are the same.

What do you bring to ClickThrough?

Organisation, quirkiness and big hair!

Seriously, I’m a stickler for being organised. Get it right first time – that’s my motto. Having a sense of urgency is very important to me. Get it done, and get it done right. However, you’re only as good as your data – so if that is skewed then you will go wrong. Attention to detail is paramount.

What attracted you to this role?

Is it wrong to say because it was close to home? I’d lived in Cambridge for four years and wanted to move back to Lichfield. Being able to work in my home town is a dream come true. And who wouldn’t? Lichfield is a beautiful city.

Previously, I had worked in recruitment and done a lot with social media, websites, candidate attraction and process management. I have worked in a diverse mix of businesses and felt that all of my skills and knowledge were transferable.

I saw the ClickThrough advert and thought ‘I can do that’. The job was local, part time, and it seemed really interesting. This is a different business to any I’ve worked in before, but a lot of what I have done previously is really relevant.

How have you found ClickThrough so far?

ClickThrough is a  vibrant, young and dynamic company to work for. That is very different to my previous role in academia. Everyone has a passion and enthusiasm for what they do, and there’s an amazing team dynamic. I really like that.

The culture of the business enables me to have input. It helps me encourage change and see it happen instantly. I have a level of autonomy, which is based on trust, and that suits my way of working.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

Being a mum. I am so proud of my daughters and I want them to evolve into strong, empowered women who believe that anything is possible.

Being a mum is definitely the hardest job I’ve ever done. But I am so proud of them and the reflection that they are on me.

Other achievements? Well, I’ll try anything and believe I can do anything. Tell me that I can’t and I believe I can!

If you hadn’t joined ClickThrough what other career path might you have considered?

I always wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter - as I love being creative - or to work with Philip Schofield in the Broom Cupboard with Gordon the Gopher.

If I hadn’t joined ClickThrough, in all reality I would probably have stayed in recruitment. In my last role I did some volunteering with Year 10 students, providing advice on CVs, interview techniques and work experience. They were the most challenging audience I have ever faced; however, I got the desired results, amazing feedback, and found the whole experience very rewarding.

Finally, If you were a cartoon character, who would you be and why?

Tigger! It’s always been Tigger, because he's bouncy, fun and, above all, he’s the only one. That’s like me – I am unique, there’s no one else like me. I like his ethos on life – he just gets on with it, with a smile on his face!

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