Introducing ClickThrough’s New Head of Inbound and Email Marketing

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Louise Abbott joined ClickThrough Marketing in February 2015. We caught up with her to find out about what her role entails, how inbound marketing fits with the ClickThrough portfolio of services, and why William Hague, Brian Cox and Ross Noble would be her perfect dinner guests.

What does your role at ClickThrough involve?

As head of inbound and email marketing, I’m here to provide strategic solutions for clients in these areas. It’s a proposition that sits perfectly with ClickThrough’s technical search and conversion expertise. I’ve been developing a suite of services and working on our positioning for this offer, as well as training the teams here on the inbound methodology and email marketing practices.

This is a new role within the company offering a new range of services. What do you hope to achieve and how to do aim to make this your own?

It’s really exciting to be able to offer something that broadens ClickThrough’s client services, yet dovetails in so perfectly. Email marketing has moved so far away from the days of buying half a million email addresses and sending them a single sales email, hoping that one or two will bite and buy. The “spray and pray” approach doesn’t work today – it’s all about attracting the right people to your website and persuading them that you’re the best option when it comes to fulfilling their needs or solving their problems.

Ultimately, my aim is to make inbound and email marketing a core service for ClickThrough – much as SEO, Paid Search, Web Development and Content Creation are now, and to make our agency the first choice for clients looking for a truly integrated digital marketing solution.

What’s your background?

I’ve been working in digital marketing for nearly 15 years now, working for various companies in their own marketing teams. My corporate experience includes manufacturing, telecoms, financial service and professional service sectors, working on many exciting projects from party planning through to strategy development and everything in between! I like taking a hands-on approach and learning new skills – something that happens quite often in a discipline that’s as fast moving as digital marketing.

After 10 years working in the corporate world I made the switch to agency side, working with clients in really broad sectors – finance, health & beauty, telecoms, IT & Technology, SaaS, hospitality and retail. When I discovered inbound marketing, I knew that was the specialism for me, and I worked with many clients in delivering inbound strategies that had a real and positive impact on their sales pipeline.

What skills set do you think is vital to get ahead in inbound marketing?

It needs logic, process, and a touch of creative flair.

How have you found ClickThrough so far?

Utterly refreshing! Every single member of the team is an expert, and ClickThrough provides an environment and structure to develop that expertise to its fullest extent. There is also a real sense of a team spirit here – everyone aspires to have it, but ClickThrough lives it every day. It’s great to see collaboration on client accounts too. We have some great clients in our portfolio, and some good long-term relationships. Agency loyalty is really strong, which means we can get under the skin and implement deeper strategies for clients that deliver results over that longer term.

Finally, who are your top three ideal dinner party guests (living or dead)?

That’s a hard one! It would be quite an eclectic mix - William Hague, Brian Cox and Ross Noble. Not sure where the conversation would end up, but it would be fun finding out!

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