Introducing ClickThrough’s New Social and Creative Strategist

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Amy Dugmore, social and creative strategist, joined the ClickThrough team on November 17. She took a few minutes to talk us through her qualifications and experience, and her love of Hemingway.

What does your role at ClickThrough involve?

At the moment, I’m developing new strategies for our clients to help them get the most out of content marketing. These could include creative content assets like eBooks, infographics and video, as well as winning social media campaigns. I’ll also be helping clients integrate these disciplines to get the best possible results and ROI.

I’ve already met some clients and pitched some ideas, so my role is well underway!

What will you bring to ClickThrough?

I have plenty of content marketing experience, so I’m hoping to bring a more creative approach to ClickThrough’s current content offering. ClickThrough already has a proven approach to SEO content, but this could be improved even further with some creative magic and market-leading social integration.

I’m also hoping to pass some of my creative passion onto clients, and get them excited about exploring social media and content marketing opportunities.

What’s your background?

I have five years’ agency experience, and two years’ client-side experience, working with a mix of B2B and B2C brands. My background is in copywriting, bolstered by years of experience in content marketing, social media, email marketing, blog writing, direct mail and more.

To put it another way, I’ve done a little bit of everything – from pharmaceuticals to football!

I’m an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), have a master’s degree in English literature, and a first-class undergraduate degree. What’s more, I hold CIM’s Diploma in Professional Marketing and – as of last week – I’m Google Analytics qualified.

What attracted you to this role?

I was attracted by the diversity of ClickThrough’s client base, as well as its friendly staff. It’s an opportunity to work with a fantastic team and some very knowledgeable SEO experts.

Because this role is new to ClickThrough, I’ll also be able to shape it based on my own skills, experiences and ideals.

How have you found ClickThrough so far?

It’s been lovely – everyone is so nice. I’ve been really impressed with the helpfulness and considerateness of the whole team. And I’ve enjoyed meeting some of our clients.

What’s your proudest moment to date (career-wise or otherwise)?

Winning an award for my dissertation for my postgraduate degree. I was ‘best in class’, which was the icing on the cake after putting in four years of hard work.

What are your predictions for content marketing and social media in 2015?

As more and more companies invest in content marketing, there’s going to be a huge increase in content ‘noise’ on the web.

This means companies will have to work harder to stand out. So the focus will be on creating truly remarkable content – simply generating content for the sake of it won’t cut it anymore.

In terms of social strategy, we’re seeing management and analytics tools becoming increasingly sophisticated. As this trend continues, we’ll be able to create increasingly sophisticated campaigns as they become more track-able at a granular level.

It’s also going to become more important to properly integrate content and social strategies.

Finally, if you could trade places with any other person for a week, dead or living, fictional or real, who would it be?

Earnest Hemingway. His work defies any kind of analysis, so I’d love to ‘get inside his head’ and find out how he wrote like he did.

Want to inject some creative spark into your content marketing? Get in touch.

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