Join Us For An Exclusive WordPress Webinar

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Want to get the best out of your business? In our next webinar you’ll learn more about WordPress and best practices to follow when optimising your website’s performance.

WordPress can be a complicated maze packed with all the tools and techniques for achieving this – you just may not be aware of what they are and how to use them.

Join us on our next webinar, ‘How To Get The Best Out Of WordPress’, hosted by our director of web development Alan Rowe.

Date: Wednesday 4th October 2017
Time: 9:45am

You’ll discover more about:

  • Off-the-shelf themes vs bespoke-designed themes
  • How to avoid getting hacked
  • Tricks to optimise performance (and make Google happy!)
  • How to make good plugin choices and when to conduct bespoke development
  • Why the wrong plugin could potentially destroy your business

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It’s time to unleash your WordPress website’s full potential.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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