No Google Shops on the High Street, Says Key Figure at Search Giant

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A senior figure at Internet giant Google has shot down rumours over the firm moving into the realm of physical stores.

In a roundtable discussion with reporters, Andy Rubin quickly moved to dispel the mutterings of a Google shop which emerged last week.

These rumours suggested the search engine firm was looking to branch out into physical shops in order to boost sales of products such as its Nexus and Chromebook ranges; taking influence from Apple and Microsoft's similar offerings.

It was suggested that Google may have viewed physical stores as a way of further boosting its revenue, aside from that which it generates from firms using its search engine for SEO, PPC and other Internet marketing purposes.

However Google senior vice president of mobile and digital content, Andy Rubin, said he felt customers simply didn't need to go into a shop to try out a new device, with word of mouth and product reviews now far more important.

He said:  "They don't have to go in the store and feel it anymore."

Talking of Google's various technology offerings, he added: "For Nexus, I don't think the program is far enough along to think about the necessity of having these things in a retail store."

For customers still preferring the hands on approach before investing in a new gadget, Google products are available at a variety of retailers in the UK as well as on the firm's own website.

It also operates a number of Chrome Stores in PC World and Dixon's branches with staff on hand to pass on information on the products.

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