Left To Write - The Responsibilities of a Digital and Content Marketing Executive

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Adam Stokes joined ClickThrough as an intern in March, before becoming a permanent member of the SEO team 3 months ago. Having now racked up a full 6 months, he details the challenges and responsibilities that come with being a content writer.

Contrary to the somewhat self-explanatory title of content writer, there are actually other responsibilities involved. From my fingers meeting the keyboard to the content being uploaded onto a web page, various forms of research and analysis are combined with creativity before a final piece of content has been formed.

From adapting my writing style to suit SEO best practice and learning a whole heap of technical processes in between, my role continues to bring me new insights and knowledge regarding the whole purpose of SEO, and why what we create is so important for our clients. Six months in, and I now understand the processes and reasoning behind using keywords, monitoring rankings, and maintaining fresh content better than ever.

Blogged Down in Content

Okay, so the majority of my time might be taken up by writing content (well, what else would you expect?) but that isn’t to say that my role doesn’t bring variety. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. From automotive giants like Peugeot to e-commerce websites spanning solar power to adventure wear – the tone, style and purpose of the content that I write varies massively from client to client. The ability to achieve the same goal – ultimately providing visibility for clients while maintaining their brand voice – is achieved through a number of different methods and journeys.

Blogs, content pages, industry news articles, PR pieces, eBooks – all have a different brief, a different style and a different purpose. For me, that means a different process, which ensures that I experience variation daily. Having a versatile portfolio of clients means that we have to take on different personas every day, an enjoyable if not challenging aspect of being a successful content writer.

Google Vs. Human – The Challenges of SEO

In the blue, red, yellow and green corner sits Google. On the other side of the screen sits the humble reader. One of our biggest ongoing challenges is getting the balance right between pleasing the two. With constantly changing standards and rules, the challenge has become harder than ever to ensure that content is deemed high quality by Google, while also satisfying the end user – you!

However, if it wasn’t for the compromise between the two, writing SEO content would be no fun at all, and it’s my job to make sure that seamlessness goes unnoticed. Challenge: accepted.

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