Meet Jade Coleman, ClickThrough’s new SEO whizz-kid

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ClickThrough Marketing’s new SEO account executive has done copywriting, linkbuilding, site builds and more. We took five minutes to ask her about her background, her predictions for SEO’s future, and milk-based food products.

Who are you? – Jade Coleman, SEO account executive at ClickThrough Marketing.

When did you start at ClickThrough? – Tuesday, October 2.

What does your role at ClickThrough involve? – When January comes, I’ll be overseeing the day-to-day running of client accounts, maintaining contact with clients, and setting out forthcoming linkbuilding plans. Until then, I’m being thoroughly trained up so I can do SEO the ClickThrough way, and I’m assisting Lily Bowron [senior SEO account executive] with her accounts. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into things properly, though.

What did you do before ClickThrough? – I worked for a marketing consultancy, doing offsite and onsite SEO, as well as helping to build new websites, managing blogs, copywriting and linkbuilding. It was a very varied role! My role at ClickThrough will involve much more management, but having this hands-on experience is definitely a bonus – it helps me to see how everything fits together.

So how did you get involved in SEO? – I actually took a degree in journalism, which I finished in 2010. I had finished university and was working in a toy shop when I got the call that would set me on the path to an online marketing career! Strange, I know.

I was offered a copywriting role for a major immigration company in Birmingham, and learnt the basics of SEO in this job. I learnt a whole lot more when I left to work for the marketing consultancy, and I hope I’ll develop my skills even further with this role.

What attracted you to ClickThrough? – The opportunities, the benefits, and the people – when I came for my interview, I was really impressed with how friendly and organised everybody was.

And how have you found ClickThrough so far? – I know it’s a cliché, but ‘work hard, play hard’ definitely applies here. Everyone’s really hardworking, but there’s a bounciness to the office too – a sense of humour is essential. I’ve been impressed with the way that ClickThrough stands by its ethical SEO approach, and the fact that clients always come first.

What skills can you bring to the role? – I’ve pretty much done a bit of everything when it comes to search marketing. I started as a copywriter, for example, which I think gives me an improved understanding of the workings of the content team, and also allows me to write for many different contexts, if my role calls for it.

If you were kidnapped and forced to spend the rest of your life on a desert island with only one book, one album, and three items that you could easily carry in your luggage, what would they be? – I’d sneak two books into my luggage: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. The Hunger Games would still be exciting on the 50th read-through, and Me Before You is so bleak, it would make me realise that – despite my lonely existence – there are people who face equally difficult situations every day.

For music, I’d take a Beyoncé album, so I could have a dance on my own when I felt good, and an Ed Sheeran album, for emotional support when I’m feeling a bit down. I’m bending the rules a bit here aren’t I?

Finally, my three items: I get major cheese cravings, so I couldn’t cope without a cheese supply – I’d take a big wheel of cheddar. I’d also pack my phone, with a signal-boosting antenna so I could still get signal and talk to my mates. And I’d squeeze my dog in there too, for company.

How would you spend a perfect weekend? – I’d spend Friday night being pampered at a spa, then sit in front of the sofa watching Avatar on DVD. I don’t know why, the story just grabs me.

On Saturday morning, I’d go shopping with a mysteriously endless supply of money, and have lunch. I think I’d have pasta, with lots of cheese. Stilton cheese, cottage cheese, you name it. In the evening, I’d be chauffeur-driven to Birmingham in a limousine, and go out dancing with the girls.

Sunday would be much quieter. I’d go to a nice national park with my boyfriend and my dog. I love walking about and exploring nature – and we’d take a picnic too. I’d finish the weekend watching police camera programmes on telly.

Finally, what are your predictions for the future of SEO? – I think that it will become stricter, as we can already see with the Panda and Penguin updates that target web spam, duplicate content and unnatural inbound links. As Google and other search engines tighten the belt, it will encourage SEO professionals to think more about quality over quantity. Hopefully this will also encourage better practice when it comes to site builds, so we’ll see less orphan pages and duplicate content.

I don’t believe the ‘SEO-is-dead’ sensationalism though; I just believe SEO is becoming more refined.


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