Meet Stuart Whitehouse, Online Video Marketing Expert

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Say hello to our new video marketing whizz, Stuart Whitehouse

If you want to get started with online video marketing, or integrate video into your existing marketing strategy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stuart Whitehouse is ClickThrough Marketing’s video production and marketing expert. He has 13 years’ videography experience, and was previously head of video production at a top Birmingham digital agency, leading a team of producers, directors, graphic artists, camera operators and editors.

We’ve brought Stuart on board so we can offer online video as part of an integrated marketing service. With Stuart’s experience in television advertising, corporate videos and live event filming, combined with our digital marketing expertise, we can now offer our clients high-quality, professional video that ties into a wider, holistic marketing mix.

Work Examples

Maths at Warwick – Promotional video for the University of Warwick’s mathematics department.

Jewellery Quarter Boxing Squad – Promotional video for Fighting Fit City Gym.

Students’ Union Society Awards 2014 – Live event video for the University of Warwick’s annual society awards.

Why Video Works

Recent years have seen a revolution in online video, with YouTube, Facebook and other platforms offering unforeseen access to a global audience of millions. In the US alone, 82 million users watch 1.6 billion videos every day.

As Stuart says, video is no longer just another marketing channel – it’s fast becoming a must for anyone with an online presence:

Stuart Whitehouse, online video marketing expertVideo marketing has firmly planted itself in the marketing arsenal of today's businesses and for a very good reason. Millions of internet users watch online video each day – that's a lot of potential new customers.

And if you’re not using video, there’s a pretty good chance your competitors are!

What’s more, one minute of video has the same value of 1.8 million words, according to Forrester Research – and users are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. It’s this incredible potential for driving engagement that makes video ideal for inbound content marketing campaigns.

ClickThrough’s head of inbound and email marketing, Louise Abbott, explains further:

Louise Abbott, head of inbound and email marketingVideo works best in the top and middle of your sales funnel, offering content to help attract and engage your viewers and convert them into sales leads.

Videos can be both entertaining and informative, and can be a valuable content asset that integrates with an inbound marketing campaign. Whether you’re creating a talking heads piece, a product demonstration or a quirkily animated short that helps viewers understand your business better, video offers rich content that adds fantastic variety to your marketing mix.

Done well, viewers will be able to recall your video easily, helping your organisation stand out from the competition. And who knows – strike the right note and you may have a viral hit on your hands!

Video and SEO

Stuart couldn’t have come on board at a better time. ClickThrough is currently investing heavily to create an industry-leading creative content offering, bolstered by our recognised expertise in search marketing – a field in which many purely creative industries struggle to get results.

Lily Tipper, director of strategic SEO, explains:

Lily Tipper, director of strategic SEOThe world of SEO is constantly evolving. It’s time to embrace a developing digital landscape that includes using different platforms and integrating wider strategies – including video.

As well as being a great tool to engage customers, video is a perfect match for SEO – we’ve seen plenty of experiments by Google listing videos in SERPs for News and question-related searches.

Video is also ripe for optimisation. We can search engine optimise on-page scripts, titles and descriptions, as well as distributing the videos on wider channels and sites, and using them as resources for outreaching to influencers and potential brand advocates. And because video often acts as ‘sticky’ content, it keeps searchers engaged and gains natural SEO backlinks.

Working with Stuart to incorporate SEO best practice alongside his amazing creativity is an exciting opportunity for us and our clients across SEO and PPC.

Stuart’s Approach

One of the biggest reasons we chose to work with Stuart is that his approach to video fits neatly with ClickThrough’s approach to marketing – like us, his work is based on a solid foundation of analysis and research, and innovation is achieved by focussing on results, rather than well-trodden trends:

Stuart Whitehouse, online video marketing expertWhenever I have a client looking to make a video, the one thing you'll hear me harp on about, time after time, is WHO.

Who is watching? Who is buying? Who is making the decisions? Knowing who is the first step with video.

Sadly, too many video producers get caught up in trying to replicate what they've seen work for someone or something else... so they begin their client's journey concentrating on the wrong thing.

Instead of analysing their market, they begin with style and content, which means at the end of the process the client has a great looking video, but it fails to speak to the audience that will ultimately be making that business money.

Only once we've truly analysed the intended audience do we even begin to think about message, style or content.

The Future of Video

Video is booming, and its future is very bright. But are you doing enough to take advantage of what may soon be the web’s number one marketing medium?

Recent research by Syndacast forecasted that online video will account for 74% of all web traffic by 2017. According to Brafton, 70% of marketers are already making video marketing a priority, but if you’re amongst the 30% who aren’t paying enough attention to video, you risk being left behind.

Thanks to our partnership with Stuart, ClickThrough now has the tools and the expertise to produce and promote quality videos that help your business grow online.

Interested in a high-class corporate video to show potential clients what your business can do? Want a creative content campaign that uses entertaining videos to tantalise the Twitterati?

We’d love to talk ideas with you – call now on 0800 088 7486.

Visit our video marketing page for more information.

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