Microsoft Updates Bing Ads Intelligence To Help PPC Marketing Users

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Microsoft has announced a number of tweaks to its Excel add-in tool for keyword research, Bing Ads Intelligence.

Confirming the news on the Bing blog, Microsoft program manager, Manu Aery, wrote: "We're happy to announce the release of the new and improved Bing Ads Intelligence."

Describing the tool in more detail, Aery added: "Bing Ads Intelligence is an Excel add-in that helps you perform sophisticated keyword research and observe keyword performance on the Yahoo! Bing Network. Our update offers a number of new and enhanced features to make it more convenient to use."

The platform has its uses for PPC marketing campaigns, as well as keyword research, but Bing hopes the four significant changes made to Bing Ads Intelligence will give users an even more streamlined experience.

Changes to the offering include a new ribbon has been added to the top of the page in order to provide users with a quick and easy access to their favourite keyword tools.

On the blog, Aery uses Keyword Research & Account as an example, with the button providing an easy way for users to get keywords from their Bing Ads account as well as receiving optimisation suggestions that can moved across to the spreadsheet.

A second tweak to the platform will make keyword and research a lot easier. Users simply need to type in a few keywords and then click on Keyword Suggestions, a list of suggested keyword alternatives is then generated by match type, associated key performance indicators (KPIs) and estimated bids.

Users will also be able to download keywords to their Bing Ads account, or if they prefer, just selected ones from a particular campaign or ad group. A click of the Select Account button presents users with the necessary choices.

The final tweak involves the option to more easily import bulk keywords back into a Bing Ads account, users simply have click the Create Bulk sheet option to create a file of the keywords they wish to import into their account.

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