Mobile Accounts for 22% of Email-Generated Revenue

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The mobile revolution is definitely upon us, with mobile clicks now accounting for 45% of all email clicks, benchmark report Yesmail stated earlier this week.

According to the Q1 2015 Email Marketing Compass report, mobile devices also account for 22% of all email-generated revenue, with Yesmail predicting that mobile devices could account for up to 33% of all email-generated revenue by the end of the year.

Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing, said:

The smartphone has forever shifted the consumer’s path to purchase and has become the new normal for consumers; it’s not just a seasonal trend anymore. By expanding their focus on mobile communication preference, especially via smartphones, marketers can remain in front of this shift in consumer behaviour.

The report also noted that, while there was an 11% drop in email volume following the Q4 holiday season, click and overall click-to-open (CTO) rates remained unchanged in the first quarter. However, compared to Q1 2015, CTO rates for mobile were up 8.5% while desktop CTO dropped back 8.6%.

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