Mobile Paid Search Is Up 134% YoY

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According to a Merkle Digital Marketing report from Q3 2016, paid search spend for mobile has increased by 134% over the last year.

The report covers a number of different aspects of mobile marketing, showing where spending has increased and decreased over the period of a year. Find below a breakdown of the increase in paid search spending.

Increase in Google Shopping Spends – Google Shopping PLA spending has increased by 36% YoY, and the amount spent on Google text ads rose by 9%.

Increase in Search Ad Spends – The amount spent on Google Search ads raised by 20% YoY, and although this is down 2% since Q2 2016, it’s still a large increase.

134% Rise in Mobile Marketing Spends – Since Q3 2015 through to Q3 2016, paid search phone spend has been increased dramatically by 134%.

Along with the 134% increase in paid search spending for mobile, we have seen an increase in clicks gained from mobile devices of 5%, with mobile now making up 62% of all paid search clicks. As these increases in mobile occur, we see the opposite in desktop search, shown by a decrease in spends on desktop devices of 4%.

Spends on desktop platforms are not the only thing to have seen a decrease. The combined search ad spends of advertising platforms Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini decreased by 14% YoY.

As marketing and online search use moves more towards mobile, it doesn’t come as a surprise that mobile search spending has increased so massively. Recently, Google announced they will be creating a mobile search index, and told us that AMPs will be a priority in 2017.

Find out more about the changes in behaviour of search marketing over the past year by downloading Merkle’s free Q3 2016 Report.

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