New Filter Buttons for Shopping Ads Being Tested by Google

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Google has been testing changes to its Product Listing Ads (PLAs) by adding a selection of filter buttons within the search results.

As published by Merkle RKG, the filter buttons currently only appear to be working for specific search terms. Opposing the numerical rankings system that takes effect when qualifying superlatives such as ‘top rated’ or ‘best’ are used – the filter buttons only appear to show for search queries without these specifiers.

Examples of the filter buttons found within screenshots posted by Merkle RKG include In Store, Top Rated and Up to $130.

Clicking the buttons on the Shopping page will then filter the search results to meet the specific requirements. The test is designed to allow for more focussed search results for users by allowing them to filter to exactly what they are looking for.

The In Store filter button shows Local Inventory Ads to help users looking for stock levels in local bricks-and-mortar stores, while the Top Rated lists products by review. The pricing button helps users to filter products within their budget.

According to Ginny Marvin writing in Search Engine Land, the filter buttons offer the potential to attract more visitors to Google Shopping pages, therefore giving a higher chance of visibility for advertisers’ PLAs

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