New Google AdWords Editor Includes Support for Shopping Campaigns

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Google has released a new version of its AdWords Editor application, featuring support for Shopping Campaigns.

Shopping Campaigns were introduced back in February alongside standard PLA campaigns - and it was announced in April that Shopping Campaigns would replace PLA campaigns entirely sometime in late August.

The new AdWords Editor is likely to be welcomed by PPC management professionals. However, its Shopping Campaigns functionality is currently limited to editing only. Product groups and campaigns will have to be created using the AdWords web interface, where they can be edited and uploaded via AdWords editor.

AdWords Editor version 10.5 also adds new display advertising targeting options. The 'Assign Audience' drop-down menu now features in-market audiences and interest categories, and the "Targeting Optimisation" menu includes support for 'Disabled', 'Aggressive' and 'Conservative' auto-targeting types.

Google announced the new release in a Google+ post on Monday.

It said: "This version of AdWords Editor [..] supports features that improve your reach and performance across the Google Display Network."

AdWords Editor is a free tool that's designed to make managing large paid search campaigns simpler. It allows users to download their campaigns, make bulk changes offline, and then upload the changes back to AdWords when an Internet connection is available.

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