New Google Maps To Focus On Personalisation And Feature PPC Ads

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Google has revealed that it's been working on a new version of its popular Maps service.

The  California-based search giant made the announcement at its I/O developers conference in San Francisco.

The latest version will provide users with personalised maps, highlighting the information, areas, and routes likely to matter to them most.

In a post published on its Lat Long blog, Google has stated that Maps will become better and better with increased use.

Bernhard Seefeld, Google Maps product management director, and Yatin Chawathe, Google Maps engineering director, wrote in the post: "When you set your Home and Work locations, start favorite places, write reviews and share with friends, Google Maps will build even more useful maps with recommendations for places you might enjoy."

The service will prioritise the locations users have searched for regularly in the past in any Google search, highlight businesses a user's Google+ friends have reviewed positively, and pick out similar landmarks related to the one being searched.

Interestingly for digital marketing professionals, the redesigned Maps will include the names of businesses over the top of their locations - in addition to the standard pins - with a couple of words from their PPC ads - if they're running a pay per click marketing campaign with Google.

Although there was previously an icon system in place, it wasn't always clear to users what each business represented.

Additionally a blue shopping tag icon will appear next to the businesses' name if it happens to be, for example, running a special offer.

A spokeswoman for Google has revealed that advertisers won't pay for the clicks on these ads, as the product is still in the testing phase.

She said: "We'll keep users posted in the AdWords blog and help-centre once this changes."

This addition may encourage advertisers to divert their attentions towards utilising the service more in the future.

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