New PPC tool BidCops helps marketers save time and money on Google AdWords

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Internet marketers running paid search ads in Google AdWords could save time and money with the new PPC tool, BidCops.

Available in the US and the UK, BidCops cuts the time it takes to create PPC reports – compiling crucial paid search information from Google AdWords in just 30 seconds.

A Google AdWords certified partner, and approved by the Google API team, BidCops offers far more meaningful information than other PPC reporting tools – coupled with best practice recommendations from Google.

Each report features 14 crucial PPC reporting metrics: including conversions by keyword, clicks by match type, top converting keywords, keywords which waste budget and cost-per-acquisition by each match type.

Unlike other PPC reporting tools, BidCops pulls vital AdWords account information into one single dashboard: giving marketers an at-a-glance summary of their PPC performance, with in-depth analysis of which keywords are working, and which aren’t.

The interface allows PPC managers to compare performance across date ranges (like month-on-month, quarter-on-quarter or year-on-year), and each report includes advice and recommendations based on Google advertising best practice.

Each report can be printed in PDF format, and is written in simple, straight-forward language which anyone can understand.

Advertisers can log into BidCops via the homepage – or download a cool app on Google Chrome.

The PPC tool was created by UK digital agency ClickThrough Marketing, to help staff cut the amount of time spent on reporting, and free up capacity to optimise AdWords accounts.

PPC reporting is notoriously arduous. Creating a detailed AdWords report can take hours – and is a task most skilled PPC managers would avoid if it gave them more time to work on increasing paid search conversions.

ClickThrough Marketing has been using BidCops as a PPC tool to quickly find areas for improvement in AdWords accounts.

BidCops is available on a 14-day free trial, so PPC managers, paid search agencies and in-house marketers can experiment, and discover just how easy it is to use, and how much time they could save. A team of AdWords-qualified PPC staff is available to provide free support for users, and there’s an in-depth FAQ section on the BidCops website.

“There are other PPC tools out there, but we think BidCops will become the number one, indispensable AdWords reporting tool for Google advertisers,” said Phil Robinson, commercial director of BidCops.

“Each report is packed with important information, which other PPC tools simply don’t show you.

“It’s all very good knowing if your AdWords account is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – but that won’t necessarily help you improve.

“BidCops includes tried-and-tested advice, and best practice recommendations from Google, to help all paid search advertisers make improvements to their PPC campaigns.”


Notes to editors:

For more information, please contact: Ali Harris, head of content at ClickThrough Marketing. Call +44 (0)1543 410 014 or email

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