New Report Suggests Twitter Will See A Double Digit Growth in 2014

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More than a fifth of UK consumers will use Twitter this year according to a new report.

Research from eMarketer suggests the hugely popular social media platform will see a double digit growth this year alone. It also predicts a huge surge in usage going forward, with the figure of three in ten social media users using Twitter in 2012 shooting up to almost half by 2018.

Twitter seems to be seeing a huge increase in users compared to other social media sites. Facebook for example has still seen an increase in users, with a 6.3% rise last year and an estimated 4.8% in 2014, but Twitter seems stable in its double digit growth of users and shows no sign of slowing down.

eMarketer attests the continuing popularity of Twitter to the typical early adoption behaviour pattern Facebook also went through. That is to say, initially the younger demographics have picked up on using the social networking platform, and then these users' parents and even grandparents have also taken to using the site.

Twitter is most popular with the 18-24 age range, with nearly six in ten users in that bracket and although this figure drifts of when moving into the 55-64 and 65+ age brackets, eMarketer still estimates one in five of the former age bracket to use Twitter this year.

Both Twitter and Facebook offer digital marketers a number of options in terms of social media marketing to appeal to these varying demographics and will continue to roll out more services as time goes by. Facebook is currently experimenting with video ads and Twitter unveiled targeted ads with its Targeted Audiences  program in the run up Christmas 2013.

eMarketer bases its estimates on a number of factors including worldwide and local trends in technology, the economy and population.

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