New Research Reveals Ten Blue Links In The SERPs Are Alive And Well

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A new study has revealed the oft-repeated assumption in the SEO industry "Ten blue links in search are dead" may in fact have been greatly exaggerated.

The research from Conductor actually suggests there is still plenty of evidence to suggest the links are alive and well: With more than three-quarters of SERPs (78%) still showing ten links. In fact, the study suggested 9/10 SERPs still showed at least nine organic links.

Rich media appeared in 34% of searches conducted in the research. Although as the study itself identified however, this is subject to variation on the keywords used.

Discussing the survey Conductor director of research, Nathan Safran, said: "Of course these results can vary both individually and collectively based on industry, search volume and other factors.

"For example, we'd expect to see a higher incidence of shopping results if we were to focus on a bucket of transactional keywords"

Ads are becoming more and more prominent in the SERPs, and the study revealed 56% of tested SERPs now featured nine or more ads.

There have been a lot of predictions and views from those in SEO and the digital marketing industry as to what Google will change about its SERPs next (ClickThrough SEO account director, Charly Wargnier, and senior copywriter, Oliver Pyper gave their view on the Google SERPs in 2014 for example) but the conductor research shows, for now at least, SEO business is very much as normal - on the SERPs anyway.

To conduct its research, Conductor looked at the SERPs of more than 1.5m keywords from a broad spectrum of themes and search demands.

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