Online PR: Google Launches Management Tool For News Publishers

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US publishers on Google News now have a simple way to inform Google of changes to the structure of their sites.

Google News Publisher Center, announced in a blog post yesterday, allows publishers to "benefit from better discovery and classification of their content," according to Google.

News sites can now change the name of their site, provide updated URLs they wish to be included in Google News results, and tag their site and sections with labels such as 'blog', 'satire', 'technology' or 'politics'.

Google explained the impetus behind the new tool, writing: "Until now, when you made changes to the structure of your site, we might not have discovered them until you told us. And that meant they might not have shown up in Google News, which in turn could have resulted in readers not seeing your great content.

"To prevent this from happening, we are letting you make changes to our record of your news site using the just-launched Google News Publisher Center."

Although the tool is currently only available in the US, Google says it will soon bring Publisher Center to other countries. Currently, the tool appears to be in beta, with Google asking publishers for feedback on its features.

To use the tool, your news or online PR site must be verified within Google Webmaster Tools.

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