Online Quote Tool – The Missing Piece In Your Lead Generation Journey?

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Avoid leaky funnels and optimise your lead generation strategies with a bespoke widget – discover more about it and how it boosted a client’s conversion rates by 50%.

It’s 2017, and lead generation has become even more of a dog-eat-dog process for marketers all over the globe. Instead of fixing the holes in their leaky marketing funnels, some businesses insist on pouring more traffic into them, which rarely obtains high level results.

For B2B businesses to succeed at lead generation, their funnels need to be fully optimised -  improving all their components before they start accumulating traffic.

This is important because nowadays the competition is rife, and finding unique USPs for your services (and promoting them!) can prove to be a challenge, but with a sound strategy and solid funnel in place, conversions are likely to increase.

That’s why we created an Online Quoting Tool.

Last year, one of our clients approached us with a website re-development brief. One major component of the re-vamp was to include a way for this particular client to allow its customers (other businesses) to view, and use a quoting process for our client’s various services.

As a B2B lead generation widget, our Online Quoting Tool had to be well-executed, user-friendly and easy for our client to manage and report on. A leader in their industry, our client needed to be able to gather top level information on their customers before picking up the phone to try and drive sales.

Our Online Quoting Tool was built by our team of web development experts, and comprised of a front-end delivery mechanism with conversion optimisation at the core. This correlated with a back-end management system that enabled our client’s sales team to view any quotes submitted, gaining that valuable customer information.

The results?

  • Administration savings
  • Increased efficiency
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Educating staff members about customer needs before contact

And, not forgetting a conversion rate increase of 50%.

Our custom-built, bespoke widget managed to deliver results for our client, and achieve ROI within just seven days of going live.

If you’d like to discover more about this particular project, read up on the case study we put together.

You can also contact our web development team to find out more about this tool, and how they could implement it for your business.

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