Out With the Old, In With the New: How New Website Content Can Boost Your SEO

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Discover SEO content techniques that can increase your site’s visibility with Lisa Coghlan. Read on to learn how fresh content combined with internal linking techniques, regular audits, and CRO can set you up with an on-going content strategy to influence rankings.

You’ve built a fully functional, responsive website, which is now starting to see a significant amount of traffic due to all your hard work. You’ve optimised your transactional pages with fresh content that would make a well-versed content marketer proud. You see your rankings rise and your revenue increase as a result.

But a few months down the line, you reach a stumbling block. After all that hard work, how do you keep your search traffic from hitting a plateau?

Don’t Hold Back On Your New Website Content

Without adding new content to your site, you risk it being side-lined by Google.

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By adding fresh content, Google will recognise that you are concentrating on providing your users with new content that will be useful to them – as opposed to manipulating where your user will land, and what information you want them to read. If you can regularly add new content to your website you are more likely to be regularly crawled by Googlebot, and you will reinforce that you are a consistently relevant site to visit.

How To Create the New Website Content of Your Dreams

So, what techniques are needed when creating a blog or news section of your site that will be regularly updated to improve your relevance score?

More Content Means More Results

Put simply, the more content you write for your site (provided it’s relevant and of good quality!) the more likely it is that your website’s pages will be found in search.

Equally, the more information you provide on your site, regarding your area of expertise, the more likely it is that your site will be considered an authority on that area, and in turn, be seen by Google as a trustworthy site that is deserving of a high spot in the SERPs.

Increase Internal Links

If you write a new piece of content for your website that uses similar terms to those used on an older page, you’ve created a perfect internal linking opportunity. Linking from your freshly written news story to an older page demonstrates to Google that your older page is still relevant, and ultimately still useful to the user. This will potentially boost your position in search engine results, and increase that all-important traffic.

Conduct Content Audits Regularly

By maintaining the older pages on your site with a simple content audit, you can strengthen your search visibility. Check for basic information updates, such as phone numbers or changes in policy, to ensure that your user is getting the information they require. Meanwhile, Google will see that your web site is regularly updated, and remains a relevant site for users to land on.

SEO Content Working Hand-in-Hand With CRO

Ensuring that your content is optimised for Google is paramount when generating search traffic, but keeping your reader on the page is ultimately more important. If a user has come to a page of your site and finds information that is not engaging, nor useful, why would they stick around? By combining conversion optimisation techniques with fresh content that users can truly engage with, you can not only boost your search traffic, but keep users glued to your content. This, in turn, makes them much more likely to trust your brand and your product.

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