Pinterest and Google Excel in Customer Satisfaction - Yahoo! Falters

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The American Customer Satisfaction Index has released its 2014 e-business report, with Google and Pinterest coming top for search and social media respectively.

The report measures customer satisfaction based on criteria like site performance, variety of services, freshness of content and ease of navigation. Pinterest topped the list of Internet Social Media with a score of 71, while Google came first in the Internet Portals & Search Engines category, with a score of 83.

Both show marked improvements on last year. 2014 has seen Pinterest kick Wikipedia off the top spot with a six per cent increase in customer satisfaction, while Google maintained its lead with an increase of eight per cent.

Other companies were not so well-represented. According to the report, Yahoo!'s score of 71 - a seven per cent decrease on last year - is the search portal's "lowest score yet."

Bing, the Microsoft search engine which handles most of Yahoo!'s search offering, also saw a marked decrease in customer satisfaction, with its score plummeting by four per cent.

The worst performers in the Internet Social Media category were Linkedin and Facebook, with a joint-lowest score of 67. However, even these platforms enjoyed a surge in customer satisfaction, with both showing an eight per cent increase on last year.

The only named social media platform to see a decrease in customer satisfaction between 2013 and 2014 is Wikipedia, with a drop of five per cent.

AOL came last amongst Internet Portals & Search Engines, with a score of 70.

The report is likely to be of interest to SEO and social media marketing professionals, for whom user satisfaction is a key indicator of a platform's viability.

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