PPC Ad Creatives Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

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Getting a PPC campaign up and running takes time, and a whole heap of effort. So when it comes to actually writing the ad creatives, it's perhaps understandable that tired PPC managers can see them as an afterthought. But ad text can be as crucial as keyword choice - read on to find out why.

Putting together a PPC campaign can be a gruelling experience, with thousands of nearly identical terms all seemingly blurring into one great mess after a while.

By the time you have researched keywords, assessed the various combinations and permutations that could be used, decided which match type to use and uploaded everything to your account, your creative juices might not necessarily be flowing as freely as they were when you started.

However, as far as customers, or potential customers, are concerned, these early efforts aren’t of much interest to them – not without good ad creative, anyway.

It’s possible to have the best structured campaign, with a carefully considered collection of keywords, but if the ad creatives don’t entice the imaginations of searchers, encouraging them to click, it won’t meet its full potential.

One of the important things to remember is that most people searching online will not necessarily have an understanding of how PPC works.

This means that, although you might know that the reason your ad has appeared is because you’ve bid on the search term that they have used, the searcher might not.

There’s a fine balance to be struck between getting the key bits of information about a product or service in a 25-character headline, and two 35-character ad text sentences.  There’s also the challenge of not being too general.

The limits placed on the number of characters allowed can seem incredibly restrictive, but experienced ad writers are more than capable of crafting copy that both appeals to readers, whilst providing all the relevant information.

Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion can help to ensure that ad creatives accurately reflect the services or products being offered, but, be warned, it’s far from fool proof.

Whilst much of running an AdWords campaign is analytical, the creative side of things is what ultimately gets people clicking, and, potentially, converting.

Therefore it’s absolutely vital that ad creatives are given the same kind of prioritised treatment as any other task in the creation of a PPC campaign.

Testing and experimenting with different approaches will enable you to quickly ascertain those that work effectively from those that fall completely flat.

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