PPC Advertising Will Be An Important Part Of Windows 8.1 Smart Search

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Microsoft has confirmed a new Smart Search function as part of its Windows 8.1 launch.

More significantly for digital marketing professionals is the fact the tech giant has also confirmed Bing advertisers will play a significant part in the latest 'evolution in search'.

The search function will not only allow users to look for information on the Web, but also on the device itself, apps and even the cloud. The move is a clever ploy from Microsoft, as it will allow ads a more prominent position within the operating system itself, rather than being tied to a search engine - providing it with more ammunition against rival Google.

Microsoft Advertising Search Group general manager, David Pann, stated in a blog post: "Now, with a single campaign setup, advertisers can connect with consumers across Bing, Yahoo and the new Windows Search with highly relevant ads for their search queries.

"In addition, Bing Ads will include web previews of websites and the latest features like site links, location and call extensions, making it easier for consumers to complete tasks and for advertisers to drive qualified leads"

The new Windows 8.1 Smart search will allow users of Bing Ads PPC advertising campaigns already set up on the Yahoo! and Bing networks to be shown in results without any further setup required.

Bing hopes this latest innovation in search allows for a much better experience, not only for search advertising customers, but the day to day people using the platform to conduct searches in the first place.

Pann added: "We are excited about this next evolution of search and believe it will be more beautiful as well as functional.

"We will look to continue to innovate with Bing Ads in this new search experience based on consumer and advertiser feedback."

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