PPC in Europe: UK Has Highest CPCs, Spain has Best CTR

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UK costs per click (CPCs) are the highest amongst four key European markets, according to Kenshoo's latest paid search report.

The Q4 2014 Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA) Search Advertising Trends report examined click costs (CPCs) and click-through rate (CTR) in the UK, Spain, Germany and France.

Thanks to strong advertiser competition, the report says, UK PPC advertisers had to cough up €0.50 per click on average in Q4.

Advertisers in France enjoyed the most affordable clicks, paying an average of €0.43 per click, followed by Germany at €0.46 and Spain at €0.45.

Despite having the second-highest CPCs, Spain boasted by far the highest average CTR, at 3.8%. This was more than double Germany's average CTR, which stood at 1.5% in Q4.

France followed at 2.1%, with the UK at a promising 2.9%.

The report also provided some promising insights in regard to the quality of account optimisation. Taking data from advertisers across EMEA, Kenshoo found that advertisers were driving the same volume of clicks as they were in Q4 2013, despite a 23% drop in impressions.

Overall spend in the region was up eight per cent year-on-year, but revenue was down 15%. Kenshoo portions at least some of the blame to the peak in the travel sector in Q2 2014.

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