PPC Marketing To Benefit As Facebook News Feed Gets Latest Overhaul?

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Facebook will announce today (March 7) the changes involved in the latest overhaul to its News Feed service.

With News Feed basically acting as the social network platforms homepage, any significant changes to it are likely to be held under a microscope by users and advertisers alike.

With fears rising of user disenchantment - although with over a billion users on the platform, Facebook has repeatedly rebuffed any suggestions of people getting fed up of its offering - the move is the social network giant's latest attempt to pique users interest, while also keeping the money flowing in from PPC marketing types using the site for ads.

Although the firm has refused to comment on the official design, Mark Zuckerberg previously hinted to Wall Street analysts in an earnings call back in January that: "Advertisers want really rich things like big pictures or videos, and we haven't provided those things historically."

Whether that comment truly implies such a change to benefit PPC advertising types is imminent will be confirmed today.

With research from the Pew Research Center in the US suggesting 61% of users had taken breaks from using Facebook and a similar study by SocialBakers suggesting over half a million UK users had ditched the site over the Christmas period, the pressure would certainly seem to be on Facebook to keep its users engaged.

Wall Street has been particularly tough on the social networking giant ever since its stock market flotation, with the question of the value of Facebook as a business, not just a place to chat and socialise with buddies, often brought into question.

It has tried to address this by introducing more and more advertising products on to its site, although even its Sponsored Stories and promoted posts offerings have not been without their critics.

The firm will be hoping for a much more positive response to its latest tweaks.

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