PPC: N. American Mobile Users More Likely to Click Ads Than Europeans

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North American mobile device owners are more willing to click ads than their counterparts in the UK, France or Germany, according to a survey by SSI reported by eMarketer.

35 per cent of North American survey respondents said they had clicked an ad on a mobile website within the previous three months, compared to 30 per cent in France, 28 per cent in Germany and only 27 per cent in the UK.

The PPC marketing research also showed people were less willing to engage with ads in mobile apps, despite users spending more time using apps than the mobile web. 26 per cent of mobile users in North America reported clicking an in-app PPC ad in the past three months, compared to 20 per cent in France, 19 per cent in the UK and 15 per cent in Germany.

eMarketer also quoted March 2014 research from xAd and Telemetrics, giving US users' reasons for not clicking mobile ads. In this survey, 47 per cent of smartphone users and 43 per cent of tablet users said they simply "[weren't] interested in the offering," suggesting better targeting is needed.

Similarly, 38 per cent of smartphone users and 34 per cent of tablet users said the ad "wasn't relevant to me."

Other reasons given included "Didn't even look at the ad" (21 per cent Smartphone / 20 per cent tablet), "I got what I needed without clicking" (15 per cent smartphone / 18 per cent tablet), "[I] didn't want it to take me outside of search" (six per cent smartphone / nine per cent tablet), and "[I] didn't see a phone number on the ad" (two per cent smartphone / four per cent tablet).

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