PPC News Roundup: Selling Banana Bunkers and Google’s Shopping Updates

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eCommerce has never been so fun, as Tom Kwei discovers when he takes a closer look at the Groupon phenomenon of the ‘Banana Bunker’ – a case study in what conversation can do for conversion, as well as bringing us all the latest paid search news from the past seven days

Conversation Sells: How to Answer Customer’s Questions to get a Conversion

Every wondered how to sell a banana protector? Marketing Land has fun with a look at Groupon’s sales technique when it came to its ‘banana bunker’ fruit protector.

However, the serious point is that conversation sells. Answering your customer’s questions sells. Getting your customers involved sells. And, above all, having fun sells.

Groupon's Banana Bunkers advert

Groupon generated enough media attention and online buzz to sell out of its phallic-shaped fruit protectors in hours. Genius!

Add personality to your product by following Jeremy Smith’s tips for conversation optimisation. Get your social team involved. Embrace the story and let it run – you might just be surprised where you end up.

Google Updates Shopping Feeds

Google is getting ready to roll out several updates to its Google Shopping Feeds and Product Taxonomy, most of which will come into effect on September 15, 2015.

Google says:

The goal of these changes is to create a richer experience for customers searching for your products online and to simplify the process of providing information in your feed.

Here are the updates for the Google Shopping Feed Specification:

  • Units & Quantity attributes are now available for the US
  • Guiding principles around the ID Attribute and GTINs have been tightened
  • Google has separated Apparel and Variants attributes and expanded the requirements to Brazil
  • Stable numeric Google Product Category IDs are being introduced
  • Shipping requirements have been extended to Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Japan

Google also recommends the following Shopping Product Taxonomy changes:

  • Google Product Taxonomy paths have been simplified by rolling up a number of categories to their parent nodes
  • Most of the categories under Activewear are now included with their non-active counterparts, for example, 'Active Skirts' will now be found under 'Skirts'
  • New categories have been added to the verticals ‘Food, Beverages & Tobacco’ and ‘Mature’

Google also said that some verticals have undergone significant rework, and account holders may wish to revisit their provided Google Product Categories

Harnessing the Power of Local PPC

Garrett Mehrguth offered up his seven tips for effective local PPC via his guest blog on WordStream earlier this week. He advocates:

  • Look at your books – spend money only on your most profitable products or services
  • Consider best-performing keywords – Look at your SEO campaign and what searches gave you the most impressions
  • Be locally relevant – Create campaigns for the cities you operate in, this leads to higher Quality Scores, higher CTR and higher conversion rates
  • Use callout extensions – Flag your location and really push your localisation through ad extensions
  • Use your Zip or Postal Code – This is especially powerful if your postcode is for a prestigious area
  • Talk local – Use the local dialect that talks direct to your target market
  • Be convenient – If you are only two minutes’ walk from the tube flag this

Testing the Value of AdWords’ Countdown Customiser

Three, Two, One - Go! A recent case study by Search Engine Land shows that adding AdWords’ countdown customiser to your search ads could prove an important addition to your marketing strategy. Urgency, it seems, sells.

Example of a static ad

Example of dynamic ad

Matt Umbro detailed an increase in CTR and conversion rates by utilising the dynamic ads. Adding a ‘sale ends in X-days’, or a voucher code that ‘expires in X-days’ really pushed results, especially for one or two days before the offer expired.

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