PPC News Roundup: Bing Ads Introduces Guided Tours

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Rachel Poole and Sarah Kemp bring you the latest paid search news, including guided tours from Bing Ads, the introduction of app install button data to search analytics, local awareness ads and the importance of Thank You pages.

Bing Ads Introduces Guided Tours

Bing Ads Guided Tours

Bing has rolled out guided tours for advertisers to now be walked through some of their key features within the Bing Ads Interface. Some of the Guided Tours include:

  • Remarketing tour
  • Keyword tour
  • Campaign Settings Tour
  • Automate Rules tour

You can find the Guided Tours via a ‘Get Help’ link that pops up on the right of the Bing ads interface. And the tour will give you a detailed look at where to click and tips on what to insert.

Google Adds App Install Button Data to Search Analytics

A new filter has been added to Google Search Console for the ‘install app’ button in Google Search Analytics reporting. The new filter is called “Search Appearance” and shows information about the app install button displayed to mobile users.

Currently, you can use that filter to see data about your ‘install app’ button in Google mobile search results. Thanks to this, you can now see which queries your users typed to see the install button for your app, and also filter by country to see where most of your app users come from.

Google Webmaster Trend Analyst, Zineb Ait Bahajji

It is currently only tracking Android app install buttons, but it is live in accounts from now.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads Directly Target Customers

Local Awareness Ad campaigns let you reach Facebook users based on the business location they are closest to. The ads are designed to bring customers through your door, they can be set up to serve people near your location with directions to your store, making it great for local businesses. If you have several locations, it is easy to scale the campaigns to promote multiple locations to local customers.

map on ipad

You can set up your local awareness campaign in the Power Editor Chrome extension as this will give you more options when it comes to audience targeting. If you don’t have this extension, you can use Ads Manager to produce ads tailored to a specific location.

Dedicated Thank You Pages Become Increasingly Important for PPC

Thank You note

Michelle Morgan goes through the importance of having Thank You pages and how it not only enhances the user experience but how it is important to track your goals.

Many ad platforms, such as Bing and Facebook, are starting to use “Smart Pixels”. They work in a very similar way to Google Analytics pixels, with the code placed on each page of your site to track results. You are then able to adjust your campaigns depending on users’ visits.

But all of this hard work will not pay off unless you have a Thank You page in place. If users fill out a form or submit some details, to then be redirected back to the same form fill it can be incredibly confusing for users. Without a dedicated Thank You page, your user will wonder if their submission has worked, and could potentially mean you lose out on business.

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