PPC News Roundup: Google to Launch ‘Buy’ Buttons in Shopping Ads?

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Is Google planning to launch a ‘buy’ button in search? Tom Kwei examines the facts, and brings you more paid search news nuggets from the last 14 days…

Google Buy Buttons: Bridging the Gap Between e-Commerce and Search

Google is just weeks away from launching a new type of Shopping ad with a built-in ‘buy’ button, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Google logo.

The rumoured new ad format is said to appear when users search for products on mobile devices. Tapping the button will bring users to a Google product page, where they can complete the purchase.

Google already offers several features to help retailers make the conversion process easier for mobile users. Call extensions, for instance, provide a click-to-call button on search ads so users can easily make contact with the vendor.

This is the first time, however, that Google has handled the purchase itself – effectively removing the retailer from the transactional process.

But whilst shoppers will be kept within the Google search interface, deliveries will still be handled by retailers, according to the report. Payments will be handled by Google, which will then pass the money on to the retailer – so it’s not like Google is entering into direct competition with big-name e-Commerce brands like Amazon or eBay.

The product page will also be heavily branded to resemble the retailer’s site.

Is this really going to happen? As The Register points out, The Wall Street Journal’s story – which doesn’t reference its sources – is so well-informed as to resemble a briefing from Google itself. So, in all probability, this is going to go ahead.

“Value Alert” Test in Google Shopping Highlights Bargains

Google is testing a way to highlight great-value products in its Shopping search interface.

In the experiment – spotted by Elizabeth Marsten – the words “Value alert” appears underneath a Product Listing Ad (PLA).

Marsten only shared one image of the test, which shows the “Value alert” message in PLAs pulled through to the main Google web search page. It’s unclear if this test is appearing anywhere else.

Interestingly, the product isn’t even particularly affordable. As Search Engine Land notes, the Raya Skin Care product is $30 cheaper than the product that’s apparently deserving of a “Value alert” message.

Search Engine Land’s Ginny Marvin posits that the “Value alert” message may trigger based on the size of the discount – rather than any competitor-on-competitor analysis by Google.

Google Launches AdWords Editor 11.1

Google has rolled out a major update to AdWords Editor.

The software, which lets advertisers edit their account offline, now includes support for labels, Upgraded URLS, call-only ads, ads in mobile apps, and demographic targeting for display ads.

Labels support in the new AdWords Editor interface. Support for labels in AdWords Editor. Source: Inside AdWords.

The update, numbered 11.1, also features UI enhancements, search bar improvements and “more localisation support”.

You can download the new version for Windows or Mac here.

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