PPC News Roundup: Home Services Brands Worst Affected By Branded Keyword Bidding

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Top Home Services Brands Could Lose 60,000+ Visitors Per Month From Competitors’ Branded Keyword Bidding

Home services firms are the worst affected by competitors bidding on their trademark keywords, according to a report by brand protection firm BrandVerity.

The Q4 State of Brand Keywords in Paid Search report says real estate firms, plumbers, cleaning companies and other home services companies could be losing an estimated 64,091 to competitors’ trademark bidding strategies.

A plumber at work.

The figure is an estimate based on “a typical brand with 1,000,000 monthly branded searches”, with research focussing on the top ten brands in the industry, ranked by average monthly searches in the US.

The top advertisers using the branded terms were local.com, buyerpricer.com and pestremovalzone.com.

The full list of sectors studied, and the estimated traffic loss for a typical brand, is as follows:

  • Home services: 64,091
  • Insurance: 44,874
  • Education: 39,311
  • Consumer electronics: 38,662
  • Clothing and apparel: 36,200
  • Hotels: 31,653
  • Internet and telecom: 29,438
  • Online retail: 22,973
  • Software, web and technology: 17,394
  • Consumer finance: 13,208

You can download the full report here.

Bing Completes Unified Device Targeting ‘Upgrade’: Goodbye Separate Smartphone Targeting

On Monday, Bing Ads completed the transition to its Unified Device Targeting system, meaning advertisers can no longer separately target smartphone users.

As Search Engine Land (SEL) reports, the ‘upgrade’ follows Bing’s moves to abolish explicit device targeting for tablets, back in October.

Unified Device Targeting now mirrors Google AdWord’s device targeting system, where users set bid adjustments to increase or decrease the prevalence of ads across devices.

Using the new system, smartphone traffic can still be excluded from a campaign, with a bid adjustment of -100%. However, PC and smartphone traffic cannot be excluded entirely.

Table showing new targeting options for Bing Ads. How the new targeting system works. Source: SEL.

The change is being automatically applied to Bing Ads accounts all this week (23 March to 27 March).

If you have duplicate keywords in separate campaigns targeting mobile and desktop, it’s important to delete one of the keywords or risk competing against yourself in SERPs.

AdWords Top Movers Report Revamped

Google AdWords’ top movers report feature has been overhauled with a “new and improved” appearance.

The new-look top movers report. The new-look top movers report. Source: Google Ads at Google+.

In a Google+ post published last week, the Google Ads team gave a rundown of the changes:

The summary table at the top now highlights the most important changes in your top movers metrics for the date range you set. Now, you can quickly see total changes across your account. And, you can drill down to see the campaign or ad group that has changed the most for cost, clicks, and conversions.”

In case you haven’t tried it yet, the top movers report lets you view noteworthy account changes in one dashboard. You’ll find it within Campaigns in the Dimensions tab.

Google Announces Quicker Updates for AdWords Data

Google AdWords now updates key data more quickly, the company announced earlier this month.

Search query, automatic placement and geographic performance data will now be refreshed faster, wrote Google employee Jon Diorio on Google+.

Here are the ‘before’ and ‘after’ tables from AdWords’ data freshness page, showing when data for Tuesday is available in different time zones.

Before (August 2014)

After (March 2015)

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