PPC News Roundup: How to Double CTR and Other PPC Tips

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Tom Kwei brings us the latest paid search news, including tips on A/B testing, paid search do’s and don’ts, and a great infographic on the importance of phone calls to conversion rates.

How A/B Testing Can Double CTR

Jamie Smith from Search Engine Watch offers his four-step guide to conducting a scientific AdWords Ad Copy A/B test, with promises to double your click-through rate (CTR).

First, you need two ads, A and B - a test and a comparison ad.

Chemistry flasks

Step 1 – Update your ad service settings to rotate between your two ads evenly.

Step 2 – Write new ad copy variations. Smith advises writing ad copy that is significantly different from the ad copy you are currently using. This, he says, will help find your maximum CTR.

Step 3 – Make a note of when you started the test and make sure to compare time for time with your AdWords results.

Step 4 – Allow the test to run until you get statistically significant results. This might be one month, two months, it all depends on traffic.

Once your test is complete you can either choose to go with the winner, or move on to test something else, perhaps another A/B test with the winner versus a new ad contender.

5 PPC Tips from ClickZ

Last week’s ClickZ Live Toronto event threw up a whole host of digital marketing tips and advice. Finhas Jhaveri, manager of digital and cultural marketing for Allstate Insurance, offered his top five PPC tips during his session. He recommends:

  1. Have clear goals – Get beyond profit and look at what you are trying to achieve from a particular ad.
  2. Think like the customer – And consider how customers react differently when searching on a desktop or on a mobile device.
  3. Diversify keywords – Jhaveri recommends dividing your budget 50/50 between branded and generic keywords.
  4. Forecast - Look at historical data and ask what it shows.
  5. Keep it simple – Consider the user experience and make sure there is consistency between ad copy and website content.

Archery target

Paid Search Don’ts From Cisco

Diane Pease, an inbound marketing manager for Cisco, offers her five biggest don’ts of paid search in her blog on Search Engine Watch.

She warns:

Simple oversights, miscommunications to team members or trying to do too many things at one time can create costly errors.

Here are her five things to avoid:

  1. Don’t assume one size fits all – each campaign is different so tailor accordingly.
  2. Don’t take your eye off the ball – check your accounts daily.
  3. Don’t forget negatives – build out your negative keywords list to avoid paying for words you don’t want to show for.
  4. Don’t forget your checklist – create a checklist for budgets, settings, start and end dates and bidding strategies and stick to it.
  5. Don’t forget to check budgets – Create a pacing report to avoid over spending.

Phone Calls an Extension of Digital Marketing

Call intelligence platform Invoca recently conducted a study of 32 million calls across a variety of industries to find out how phone calls impact digital marketing.

Phone call

Their latest infographic highlights the survey findings, including the impact of phone calls on conversion rates, caller trends, and why Tuesday is the best day to call.

More Paid Search News and Advice

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