PPC News Roundup: Structured Snippets Come to AdWords

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Rachel Poole and Sarah Kemp bring us the latest paid search news, including AdWords’ introduction of structured snippets, ad-blocker extensions now allowed on Safari and Bing introduces its own keyword planner. 

Google AdWords Introduces Structured Snippets

AdWords has introduced a new ad extension - structured snippets. The new format of the extension now offers more flexibility as the content can now be controlled by the advertiser instead of being used from the site’s categories. Structured snippets is a non-clickable extension, therefor allows more context to be added to the copy.

AdWords Structured Snippets

The idea of structured snippets is to provide the customer with more insight into the products and services you are offering in your ad. Therefor leaving traffic more informed with a higher potential of conversion.

To add snippets into your ad there are a list of headers available for you to choose from. You may choose a minimum of three values and a maximum of ten, Google recommends four. Each value has a character limit of 25. You can also set a device preference to create mobile-preferred snippets.

As with all ad extensions, you can schedule when these start and finish.

Apple Allows Ad-blocker Extensions to Safari

stop sign

Apple will now allow adverts to be blocked by the iPhone and iPad versions of Safari, making it faster for users but creating concerns for digital advertisers. Third party ad-blocking browsers are not new – there are some available for Android and iOS, but currently these are only used by a small amount of people. With Safari opening this up, it could make it more common.

The move doesn’t mean ads are blocked completely; Apple is simply allowing extensions to be added to Safari and not offering its own ad-blocking software.

By downloading these third party extensions, end users have the option to block ads. However, most of these extensions employ a “white list” in which ads can still be shown, providing they meet certain criteria.

AdWords Adapts Reporting for Multi-Channel Advertisers

Over the last few months, rollouts and upgrade options have allowed advertisers to begin managing multiple campaign types out of the AdWords interface. Google has now introduced new reporting columns to help multi-channel advertisers quickly report on important ad interactions across all campaign types. For example, if in a Google Shopping campaign, the primary interaction you measure is a click while on a video campaign, the primary interaction is a view. You can now use the “Interactions" column to see a combined total across your campaign types.

AdWords report

For more on this, see our industry news story Google AdWords Upgrades Multi-Channel Reporting Options

Bing’s New Ad Extensions Benefit Advertisers

The impending release of Bing’s new ad extensions will offer many advantages to the advertiser, according to Search Engine Land, which lists the key benefits as:

  • Capturing attention and more physical space in the results page
  • Conveying additional selling points
  • Known to get better CTRs

Bing’s current list of ad extensions includes location, call, sitelinks and product. New and upcoming ad extensions include:

App Extensions Recently released, this extension enables app creators to promote and track app installs for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Image Extensions Coming soon, this extension will allow advertisers to add one to three images to the standard text ads.

Callout Extensions These extensions are not clickable, but provide browsers with additional information in the ad text. Advertisers are allowed up to four call-outs per ad.

Bing Ads Rolls Out Keyword Planner

Bing Ads has launched its own Keyword Planner in the Tools section of the Web UI.

Bing’s Keyword Planner offers keyword and ad group suggestions and provides average monthly search volume trends, relative competition and suggested bids. The move brings the interface in line with AdWords, which has offered a keyword planner for some time.

Bing Keyword Planner

Bing Ads piloted the Keyword Planner in March and July of this year. It started rolling it out in August, with the Keyword Planner now available to all US advertisers. We will keep you posted on when this new tool becomes available in the UK.

Adwords Changes Conversions Definition

Following the roll out of Report Editor, AdWords is now changing the definition of “conversions” for its reporting columns, starting mid-October. There is little change for users other than to adjust your reporting accordingly.

The current Conversions column and report shows any conversion action that was set up. The new Conversions column will only show the conversions that have optimization selected.

AdWords Conversion report

Other changes taking place next month include the removal of the “Estimated cross-device conversions” (Est. cross-device conv.) column. This will now show in the “Cross-device conversions” column.

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